About Us

Splash Agro is an agro allied company that produces quality  grafted Avocados, grafted oranges,grafted mangoes,grafted guavas,grafted boungavillea, grafted rose,grafted hibiscus and others plants , ,sale of pesticides, farm tools and inputs. .We employ the best technical know-how in the production and handling of seedlings that yield at a shorter period and manageable height.

We serve homes , Offices ,Communities and Government with reliable products and services.

At splash our master grafters can engineer and mass produce any plant of choice to the satisfaction of our customers. Our grafted fruit-tree seedlings are designed for smaller spaces, shorter heights and are disease resistant.

We offer a wide range of flower seedlings, fruit tree seedlings, vegetable seeds and seedlings. We undertake the management of private and public gardens. At splash we are committed to afforestation projects of our public partners.We also engage in pest control and other fumigation activities.

Our company is prepared to be the horticultural company of choice in the production of seedlings for private and commercial customers.We are also open for collaboration.

We grow seedlings for private homes as well as commercial nurseries.


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