2016 Citrus Seedlings Production Kicks off

In southeast States of Nigeria the cultivation of citrus grooves are non-existence despite the relatively good conditions to support it. This lack of investment in citrus production stems from so many social issues of which one is the quest for fake or “wannabe” lifestyle of the youth and their managers. They fail to see that Agriculture is job. Again lack of the willingness to release land for orchard development by landlords is a big setbacks.Government agencies find it hard to do what they ought to do to help willing hands to go to work. This and other setbacks though enormous will no more inhibit the willing hands to venture into Citrus production as we at Splash Agro (plant nursery), Umuahia is on to do a minimum of 1500 grafted citrus plantlets. We will be focusing more on Oranges and with 20% of all production to be multi-variety plantlets that will be producing 2 to 5 types of citrus in a tree. Though we have limited varieties but we will do the best available .
Join us!




Rough Lemon seed for rootstock

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  1. Uche says:

    Your address if one wants to buy from you


    1. SPLASHAGRO says:

      Here on the website


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