Spot-Light: Irrigation

Irrigation is the provision of water to plants in the farm. Depending on rain water for crop production is a stone-age practice that leaves man at the mercy of the weather. This practice see nations go hungry in a large scale while those that embrace new development like Irrigation have continued to produce more that they can consume eg. USA ,ISRAEL etc. Even in Nigeria the northern farmers who supply the bulk of Nigerian food to other zones are using irrigation.
Types of Irrigation
1. Flood Irrigation
In this kind of irrigation water is pumped from a stream or reservoir to flood the 


furrows in the farm. This type is better for very large farms with nearby stream.
2. Sprinkle irrigation.
In this kind of irrigation, water  pumped from a tank passes a pressured chamber become compressed


and exit through a sprinkler in the form of water spikes .This type wet the whole plant so is best for golf lawns and football fields .
3. Drip or Trickle irrigation
Drip irrigation is the type that sends water to the roots of plants without waste or wetting the foil age of the plant. 


Water from a tank passes through tiny pipes called drip lines to exit through emmiters or punched holes located at the base of the plant. Drip irrigation is the most efficient as it easy to customise, it conserves water ,it needs no pumping machine, and saves applied nutrients.
At splashagro we have packaged a mini Drip irrigation sample for display at  Abia 2015 Launch of Cropping Season. Companies that deal with drip irrigation in Nigeria include ,Dizhengoff ltd and others.


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